Aging and Your Family – The Effects of Caregivng

According to a Gentworth study… ” In many families, it’s assumed that caregiving for an older adult will be provided by a younger family member. while the experience of caregiving can be rewarding for some, the physical, financial, emotional, and psychological strain of caregiving can have wide-reaching impact on the family and friend of caregivers.” (

52% -of Caregivers did not feel qualified to provide physical care

70% – of Caregivers missed some time from work

$10,423 – Total average out-of-pocket expense

I share this video and information on my page because I too experience Rhonda’s story. I moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia to provide care for my mother and my father, my mother has since passed away. I worked in the “Corporate World” for 27 years as an Executive Admin Asst.  Since, moving to the South, I have had to take a series of mediocre, jobs so that I can be available for my father. I needed something very flexible. My experience with Corporate has taught me that they are not very sensitive when it comes to taking time off to care for your parents nor are they very flexible. My 1st job here in Georgia was with the infamous “Waffle House”.  When my father landed in the hospital, I left work immediately, was gone for a week, and when I returned, I picked up work as usual.  I do not see that happening in our Corporate World. My life has been unstable since moving to the South: only because I choose to care for my father.  My career has been on hold, just as Rhonda’s in the video.  Therefore, this post is to let people know, that the struggle is real, but just like Rhonda, if given the opportunity, I would not change a thing. I LOVE YOU DADDY

Caregiving: Planning to Protect Caregiver Health and Finances | Genworth

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