Need One on One Help with Medicare Assistance and Counseling

Medicare Enrollment season is quickly approaching. Many Baby Boomers will qualify for Medicare and many older American’s that are already receiving Medicare should review their current plans.

Each day, about 10,000 baby boomers become Medicare eligible, and one-on-one assistance is needed to advise, educate, and empower individuals to navigate an increasing complex Medicare program and help beneficiaries make choices among a vast array options to best meet their needs, saving money….(NCOA).

For local, in depth Medicare assistance and counseling visit or call:

Frida Janvier with Vim Rise Insurance – she has been assisting with New Medicare enrollment, and current Medicare beneficiaries for 5 yrs.  You’ll receive One on One counseling, speak with a her face to face and get questions answered. Your outcome: speak to the same person each time you call, totally avoid “Voice Prompts” when you do call, and get a personalized approach to your health care questions and selections.

Vim Rise Insurance & Tax – 957-A Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30083  Ph: (770) 217-9882

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