Dementia Diaries….What is Dementia Diaries?

If you haven’t heard, if you are looking to volunteer, if you’re wanting to do something positive, check out volunteering for Dementia Diaries. Dementia Diaries is a UK project funded by Comic Relief and The Big Lottery Fund. It is coordinated by Innovations in Dementia. While people in the US cannot participate, you can still listen to the diaries and be a transcriber for the diary entries.

Dementia Diaries enables people who are living with dementia to record their day-to-day reflections and experiences as short recordings (‘audio diaries’).

The audio diaries are then posted on:

Soundcloud – (search Dementia Diaries)

The Dementia Diaries website –



The recordings are are available to the public as soon as they have been published.

Why is the project important?

By talking about their lives to the public, the Diarists hope to improve understanding of the diverse experiences of living with dementia. Communities, individuals, professionals, and servicer’s can become more aware, and have a better understanding, of the day-to-day life experiences.

Recordings can be used to help others effected by dementia or can be used by professionals in training, media, in meetings, or conferences.

How to become a transcriber?

It’s so simple! You don’t have to register, sign-up or anything like that. You don’t even have to contact the Dementia Diaries website! Just go onto the website whenever you like ( and click the tab that called ‘Audio Diaries that Need Transcribing‘. You will see the instructions. You can do as many or as few transcriptions as you like, they appreciate every one!

How else can you help promote Dementia Diaries?

You can:

  • encourage people with dementia who you know to become Diarists
  • follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook to share reports
  • try to integrate Dementia Diaries into other projects you might be involved in:


Rachel Niblock, Dementia Diaries Coordinator, or by phone/text on: 07720 538851

Philly Hare, Innovations in dementia Director and lead for Dementia Diaries. or by phone/text on 07932 9956209

Information gathered from a blog posting provided by – Society of Certified Senior Advisors web address:

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