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Advocating for the "Silent Generation"

Christ Advocates for the Elderly (CAFE Org.) is a not-for-profit Christian owned organization serving as advocates in the community of Newton and Rockdale Counties in the state of Pennsylvania for the elderly with regards to living with dignity.  CAFE is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the 65 plus generation by giving them a voice to continue their independence, productivity and assist in (on an as needs basis) sustaining financial stability in light of increased living expenses.
We have positioned ourselves to be a "security blanket" of sorts for seniors who are in need of assistance with care at home, but may have been overlooked by state or federal agencies due to income levels, lack of information, or perhaps those who may not feel comfortable with asking for assistance.
Our entire program is based on empowering our seniors with the ability to speak up and ability to take control of making decisions that affect them with regards to "where" and "how" they live.  In doing so we will advocate for the most affordable retirement living options and provide a variety of social service programs to support their decision. 


Aging Senior Population

As the senior population continues to grow older, baby boomers are now facing difficult choices in how to care for their elderly parents.  Adult children have cause to worry since the cost of skilled elder care has skyrocketed in the past few years.
C.A.F.E.'s mission is to advocate for alternative long-term care housing options and provide affordable social services to empower older Georgians and their families; including those from diverse communities by equipping them with the tools necessary to make informed decisions with regards to their long-term care living options. Enabling them to remain in the setting of their choice; in doing so return dignity, independence, improve their quality of life, and make sure they are free from abuse neglect, exploitation and abandonment. 

Our expected outcome is:

To PREVENT pre-mature instutionalizing of senior citizens 65 and older by placing power and control back into their hands with regards to "Where" and "How" they live; supporting independent individuals, restoring dignity and freedom of choice.
To COMPASSONATELY advocate for other social services needed in order to support their decision to remain in the comfort of their own homes and surroundings, and;
To EMPOWER our seniors who otherwise live within their limited means to continue to live independently, despite temporary unexpected financial set-backs by returning the financial self-sufficiency of a senior who may be in need of momentary help.



Dawn Bowles

Founder & President

Denise Lofton

Vice President & Program Manager

George Caldwell


Open Position


Open Position




This committee's primary function and goal is to concern itself with raising funds and writing foundation grants to support Christ Advocates for the Elderly and the overall growth of CAFE Org.
  • To establish and implement yearly fundraiser's
  • To research for appropriate foundations and grants and to complete all application requirements for the review
  • To insure the success of the fundraising committee by incorporating all possible assistance and support from associates of all Advisory Committee Members.
  • To provide guidance on CAFE's organizational structure, accounting and reports that are necessary, or to enhance the receiving of grants and gifts.
  • To work in coordination with other Committees to accomplish said goals.


This committee' s primary function and goals are to concern itself with the internal organization and applications of the spiritual principals that CAFE is based on.
To review and advise on revisions to, and the establishment and implement of, all house policy, procedures and guidelines, in accordance with spiritual principals as understood within the work of God,


This committee's primary function and goal is to concern itself with the external growth and development of CAFE  This committee deals with future possibilities of the over all not-for-profit corporation, and may include programs already in operation.
  • To be the vision in establishing business opportunities that will further our primary goal of increasing support for all seniors.
  • Look for possibilities to create income for working capital for CAFE and its clients, whether it is from purchasing and renovating buildings or other areas to rent to build a financial base to support who wish not to be institutionalized, or to open and operate a senior center or Bed-n-Breakfast specifically catering to seniors.
  • To assist with the integration of individuals who would be an asset to the agency and willing to partake in our endeavors.
  • To work in coordination with other house Committees to accomplish said goals.
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